E. No other continent has had more influence in shaping the course of the history of the world than Europe during the modern age.

JOAN RIVERS. A large portion of a society’s functioning including mass elections and missionary activities, as well as military alliances, can’t be created as precise research. Luck can come from history This is what we could refer to as optimism. Thus, history has to serve, even if it is not perfect as our research laboratory and historical data is the most important evidence in the inexplicably quest to discover how our diverse species functions how it does in social environments. STEPHANE HESSEL. That’s the reason we must not ignore historical records: they provide the most extensive evidence base for investigation and study of how societies function and it is essential for people to have an understanding of how society functions to live their lives.

It’s impossible to tell the difference between history and artifacts even when you are living it. The second reason that history is inexpensible as a research subject is closely with the first. JOHN D. The past creates the present, which in turn creates the future. GARDNER.

When we attempt to understand the reasons behind something happening – whether it was a shift in political party dominant position in American Congress or a dramatic increase in the suicide rates, or even a conflict in Iraq it is necessary to search for causes which were present prior to. Hindsight is an essential vice. Sometimes, the earliest time in history is sufficient to explain an important change However, most of the time, we need to go back in time to discover the root causes of the change.

writing HILARY MANTEL. By studying the history of an institution, you understand the ways in which things evolve; only through studying history will we be able to understand the reasons behind change. History quote for teaching. Only through studying history can we comprehend the components of an institution or of a society remain in place despite the changes. The present is history. If you want to export references for this essay, select an appropriate style of referencing in the following format: It’s the reason that every generation begins writing it all over again. The History of Modern Europe.

What most people see as history is the final product the myth. Andrew is a doctoral student with earned a PhD and masters degree of world historical. E. No other continent has had more influence in shaping the course of the history of the world than Europe during the modern age. L. Find out how changes in Europe in the last 200 years have created our world.

DOCTOROW. Updated: 09/30/2022. Psychology continues to try to defend the human condition. A History of the Birth of Modern Europe. Human history continues to undermine the effort.

Modern European history is marked by the lasting impact of two fundamental changes which began around the late 1800s, namely the social and economic reforms of society in the Industrial Revolution and the move towards a liberal democracy after the French Revolution . MASON COOLEY. Up until the mid-1700s, the capabilities of technology of human society was relatively limited by the use of domesticated animal species, manual labour as well as water and wind power. Like a historian interpret, select, dispose or shape, and simplify. It was the Industrial Revolution, by harnessing the immense energy of coal drastically enhanced the capability of humanity to change society and nature. As opposed to historians I construct my own opinions. Coal was a key ingredient in the industrial revolution since it was the ideal fuel source to be used in steam-powered engines.

HILARY MANTEL. Steamships and the railroad transformed transportation forever, and factories’ emergence revolutionized the economy and everyday life in urban cities. Every historian uncovers the possibility of a new future. The industrial revolution began to take off in England and the United Kingdom, where plenty of coal deposits that were easily accessible were a source of abundant energy for the first railroads steamships, textile factories, and steamships. GEORGE SAND. These cities like Manchester, Liverpool and London were among the first cities to see the rapid growth in population and economic development which was the result of industrialization during the 1800s. It is a race between education and disaster.

A painting depicting the current smokestack skyline that was erected in Manchester England in the mid 1800s. H. Politically speaking, modern European history is defined by the consequences that was left by the French Revolution. G. In 1789, the monarchy and the elite wealthy class France was swiftly overthrown by the country’s subject. WELLS. Inspired by the ideals of the new age of equality and liberty the masses of French society were forced to dismantle their system of government that they believed was unjust and ineffective. Historical prophets are who looks backwards.

In the course of history, the French Revolution was a defining period in the history of the present European history. KARL WILHELM FRIEDRICHSCHLEGEL. It was the beginning of the end of monarchy across most of Europe and marked the beginning of the age of democracy and liberty. To fully comprehend a science it is important to know its background. The gradual decline of kingdoms was followed by the rise of nations, while monarchs were replaced with elected heads of state. Auguste COMPTE.

The Age of Empire. Libraries are to a historian food for shelter, food, and the source of inspiration. The transformation of the political system in Europe in the wake of the French Revolution did not bring an end to the empires of Europe all over the world.

BARBARA TUCHMAN. In fact, it was the reverse. If history was taught through stories, it could remain unremembered. The countries in Northern as well as Western Europe benefited tremendously from the Industrial Revolution and were able to make use of steam vessels and railroads as tools to extend their empires further into the interiors Asia, Africa and the Americas. RUDYARD Kipling.

Armed with modern technology, England was able achieve impressive military victories over powerful India and China and China, which was not previously accomplished by an European power.


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