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Invest in the future of your company to increase the skill set of your workforce and inspire loyalty. Multisoft Virtual Academy provides meaningful and best in class corporate trainings to your employees. chef devops online training Our training programs are designed by global subject matter experts and highly skilled instructional designers, offering highest quality learning solutions to drive productivity throughout your business.

In this this module you will learn about how Chef can be used for Configuration Management and how to deploy resources using Infrastructure as a code. Learn to use collaborative mediums to share opinions and improve your coding skills with assistance from the instructors and other participants.


Multisoft Virtual Academy provides certificates of completion to all the aspirants on successful completion of the program. The basic understanding of the AWS and SVN is desirable for the aspirants who want to enroll in this course. Upon completion of the training you’ll be provided a course completion certificate which adds weightage to your resume and increases your chances of getting hired. Discover the private Chef server and its types of installations. Custom curriculum for different projects with different needs. Then I’ll show you how to make the code a bit more cross-distribution friendly, by testing it against multiple Linux distributions. After that I’m going to setup my Mac with the software required to start developing code with Chef.

chef devops online training

If you do not pass the exam in three attempts , we will pay you back for the class cost. This does not apply if the participant is replaced by a colleague. In all other situations, which do not apply to the above conditions, the course of action will be determined by the Gladwell Academy management. If canceled, administration costs will be charged to the participant.

Chef DevOps Certification Training Course Online

Chef is able to ensure servers meet your desired state, and if they drift away from that state, maybe because a person made a manual change, Chef can bring it back to the desired state. Chef is popular infrastructure configuration management tool in DevOps tool chain automation. Chef embraces Infrastructure as Code with easy to code and maintain infra scripts.

Includes evaluation, feedback, and tips to handle critical issues in live setup after you are placed in a job. The candidate must have attended the entire course sessions without any absenteeism. Every student has assigned to him his own virtual lab environment setup. Creating simple recipes and making use of the “file” resource to create specific files, using the “user” and “group” resources to create a new user. We’ve sent you an email confirmation with the “ebook download link” at the email address you provided. We’ve sent you an email confirmation with the “syllabus download link” at the email address you provided. We’ve sent you an email confirmation at the email address you provided.