12 Popular Website Types And Their Purposes

Check out this video that covers how to create a blog website using Webflow CMS. Build and visually design a full portfolio website — completely free. This course covers everything from the basics of grid and flexbox to advanced interactions and accessibility work. There are plenty of portfolio website templates available so you have a solid foundation that you can build upon and customize to your liking. While similar to a personal site, this type of website is all about showcasing your professional work with the goal of winning clients. Using Webflow, you can select an attractive personal website template, drop in some images and start crafting your personal website within minutes.

  • Next in line, we’ll tell you how to build a satisfactory website for your brand.
  • Earlier, blogs were used as a journal, but now they are becoming one of the important mass communication tools where people get to know about new things.
  • Blogs can become more cumbersome for smaller companies that don’t have a marketing team and strategy to create unique content before launching the site.
  • For the former, you’d need to set up landing pages with different service packages.
  • There are also music streaming websites uniting millions of tracks to any liking.
  • The ones that are successful and draw a large following eventually turn to affiliate marketing.

Some of these website types may overlap, so you don’t necessarily need to stick to one of them. Don’t hesitate to experiment and create multifunctional web pages if you feel this is what you need. GrooveFunnels is the new, better way to build funnels and sell digital products online. Swift also refers to the programming language created by Apple, Inc. for iOS, macOS, watches, tvOS, and Linux platforms. Initially released in 2014 as a proprietary language, Swift and its supporting libraries were published the next year under the Apache 2.0 open source license. A rapid succession of code updates brought Swift into the mainstream, surpassing Objective-C and rising in popularity among the ranks of Python, Rust, and JavaScript.

Personal websites are for individuals who want to have an online presence to voice their opinion, help with job prospects, or establish their own personal brand. Let’s explore five popular types of websites along with best practices for designing them and helpful templates to get you started. I’m sure you’ve heard of software tools designed to help you build websites, sales pages and online funnels. A website for e-commerce is a website from which individuals can purchase products directly.

Creating Business Blogs

A blog website features consistently publishing of articles, photos, and videos. Many websites publish blogs as a content marketing strategy to create awareness and engage with their audiences. There are about website readability 2.77 billion people with thousands of various channels available on social media. You’ll probably find them on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat or LinkedIn, no matter who the target audience is.

What are the 3 types of websites

You can also create a site to share music, ebooks, videos, and vlogs as well as anything else that’s entertaining. The Newlyn website, for example, is centered around typography services for businesses. But, there are also other types of blogs, for example, that can also sell products like a book written by the blog’s author or ad space.

Although, you can choose to create a forum that requires you to sign in to view discussions. You can even build a forum like in the example above to offer a way for users to help each other solve technical issues with their websites. Forum types of websites provide an organized way to publish public topic discussions.

Basic Types Of Websites 2021

All you need to do is understand your requirements, select the template, and are halfway done. Then, our developers will build the site – WordPress or Custom to create branding and marketing of your business. If yes, then a Personal Blog website could be the best choice for you. Through this, you can start monetizing just by using your personal blog. Track on the views and market your site well to let people know who you are and what services you provide.

By posting well-written and researched content, you can rank for specific keyword search terms and generate quality traffic which may lead to new customers. Starting as a hobby nowadays blogging has turned into a full-fledged business. People share their stories and recommendations in online articles to make money, build their brand, and promote various products. Blogs belong to simple types of websites that don’t require a lot of effort to develop.

Magazine Websites are created mainly for featured articles – informative or educational on different categories of personalities. The layout of such types of websites would be a bit different than others. Recently the market for magazine websites has shown a sharp uptick by changing the print version to a largely digital format. While creating a business website, make sure it is not precisely an e-commerce site. A business website must showcase the services and product in a much more enhanced way with details.

For example, you can use cost-effective or free platforms and software like WordPress and WooCommerce, Squarespace, or Wix just to name a few. They’re the type of website to create if you want to quickly share life updates with friends and family. Images don’t have to be arranged in a grid, but they often are, as it’s on-trend. When a user clicks on an image, they not only see it in greater detail but with more aspects of your work on that particular project.

Forums tend to help users solve technical issues, a great example of one is the WordPress support forum. When designing a blog website, focus on the structure of the site. Know that the content will change as new articles are uploaded, but how do you want to show the title, author, article summary, read more button, etc.

When you have decided to make a website, you need to figure out what types of websites you want it to be. For building a blog website, you would have to be ready for fresh and spontaneous content which you can publish on the page. Make sure you have the best team and a better strategy to give a kick start to your website. Keeping the content fresh would attract users to be on the page. Always keep the focus on the content and make sure the images used are subtle yet elegant.

As the site’s behavior to the reader is still static, this is not considered a dynamic site. What I’ve shared here is only the tip of the iceberg; many other website types exist. There are also a variety of methods you can choose to build yours.

Such websites can be built on WordPress which offers you an excellent option for your e-commerce business. Alternatively, there are many websites being built on shopify for E-commerce and sales purpose. Job boards have become one of the major types of services these days. ECommerce Website An eCommerce website is a website people can directly buy products from. Some websites are created without the goal of making money or driving traffic.

What are the 3 types of websites

Business websites are made to represent a business on the internet, at Wuilt, we call it “digitizing your business”. It’s made to increase the business’s credibility and help people easily find it. Magazine websites like the balance contain lots of sub-topics that have their own magazines. If you are looking to create a magazine website, it is helpful to utilize a fundamental framework. You want your viewers to see a similar layout regardless of what page they are viewing or what day it is. If you’d like to learn more about each type of website, and how to find a web designer, then check out the in-depth article I wrote for ExpertMarket.co.uk.


Organization is key, are there multiple families of products, maybe different flavors or sizes? With so much variety, it’s important to make sure the customer understands what they are buying. In this article you’ll learn about different types of websites, how to design for them, and which ones make the most sense for you to work on as a freelance web designer. Your small business website helps you convert visitors into customers.

Sean is a Slickplan customer support specialist, social media manager, newly minted blogger and part-time trouble-maker at Slickplan. He enjoys all things Apple, loud music and anything electronic. This type of website structure can be found in sites such as small businesses that have a small number of pages — things without subcategories or child pages. They take a visitor through a predefined sequence in other words. Many educational websites, including entertainment and media pages, may have advertising. Many want to purchase subscription versions or educational items.

The Internet is a wide-open space with so many types of websites and content out there to discover. As a web designer, it’s helpful to know what the most popular types of websites are and which ones offer the best opportunities for you to design for clients. You’ll notice how some may be better suited for freelancing than others.

What are the 3 types of websites

If you need a website for your business dream or a blog for your basketball team, from as little as £200, you can get your one professionally created website. On the other side, you can use a website builder to create your web site. Such tools are user friendly, allowing you to build killer websites with just a few hours. A magazine site includes insightful and instructional posts, illustrations, and videos. The magazine industry has moved from a print-only medium to increasingly digital media over the last twenty years.

Use Small Business Website Templates To Build In Webflow

Although they make seek out design help, in the beginning, to create a branded presence on the platform. An eCommerce website is an online shop where people can buy products. Some businesses have both physical store locations and shops as well as eCommerce websites to reach a larger customer base. When your customer lives on the internet, you have an infinite amount of potential customers you can reach.

How companies integrate business blogs with their website depends on how they created their business website. Regardless, the business blog segment is often run on dedicated CMS platforms like WordPress or Drupal. Business websites used to be the domain of large corporations that could afford to hire or outsource web development. Thanks to website builders and apps like WordPress, businesses of all sizes can now run a company website.


It is much more of personal content when compared to magazine websites, but not the lines are blurred. These kinds of websites are mostly suggested for more prominent brands as they have a wide array of the topic. Small business would find to maintain blogs a cumbersome activity. Options in that wikis allow all users to change the content of the wiki pages, not just to post comments about the content.

Media Websites:

Sarah Lupton’s portfolio website made in Webflow.A portfolio website is a canvas for designers, writers, videographers, artists, and other creative professionals. These types of websites exist to highlight specific skill sets and services that freelancers offer. You need a payment gateway so users can complete their transactions. Did you know that there are just five different kinds of websites you can build for your online business?

News And Magazine Website

Owing to their ease of use and the ready availability of supporting software, web logs, or blogs, are the most popular, inexpensive, and widespread form of web content management. Blog software such as Blogger, Roller, or WordPress allows nontechnical users to combine text, graphics, and digital media files easily into interactive web pages. Both client- and server-side approaches are used in multifaceted web sites with constantly changing content and complex interactive features.

Types Of Websites To Build: A Caveat

They gather information from various sources into one location in different formats to make all relevant information available to the people who see it. These also require a password and custom views for various users to ensure that the available information is most beneficial to their unique needs. A business website is any website that is dedicated to describing a particular business. This should be branded as the business and should communicate the sorts of products and services of the business. Designer Gautier Maillard ‘s online portfolio is the ideal combination of innovation and the projects’s best highlights.